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Financial Prep 101: Simple Tips for the Next Generation

Become Financially Strong

Financial Prep 101: Simple Tips for the Next Generation is an easy-to-read introduction to financial terms & concepts to help prepare teens to take care of their finances as an adult.

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Online Video Course
Learn important financial terms and concepts first-hand through a video course that tracks with the textbook.
Financial Prep 101: How to Become Financially Strong© 
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Financial Prep 101: Basic Concepts for All
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Raise Your Financial IQ

Financial Prep 101: Basic Financial Concepts for All is an easy-to-read resource for young adults to introduce basic financial concepts. The Financial Prep 101 financial literacy curriculum helps you gain insight to financial terms and information, learn and practice useful financial skills, and create and achieve their financial goals.

Purchase Financial Prep 101:Basic Concepts for All on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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