Janis R Dickey PhDJanis R. Dickey, PhD

Janis received her Doctorate in Public Affairs and Administration and Education from the University of Missouri, Kansas City and has over 30 years of business and financial experience. The Financial Prep 101 financial literacy curriculum helps teens and young adults gain insight to financial terms and information, learn and practice useful financial skills, and create and achieve their financial goals.

More about Financial Prep 101: Simple Tips for the Next Generation 

Do you want your children to be prepared for their financial future? It appears that our education system has failed our children when it comes to preparing them to simply take care of their finances as an adult. Financial Prep 101 is not an advanced course in finance, but rather it is an Introduction for Teens and Young Adults to Fundamental Financial Terms & Concepts... For Example: How to get through college with the least amount of debt possible; or how to learn the habit of saving some money every week or how to work with a budget.

Written from a personal perspective, this book presents an “Easy to Read” resource for educators and parents to use with teenagers and young adults to teach them basic financial concepts. Not only that, but real-life stories and activities are presented in order to engage young adults and teenagers to learn how to navigate the adult financial world.