Janis R Dickey, PhD

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Janis has over 30 years of Financial and Business Experience.

After 15 years in corporate America working as a Sales and Marketing Manager, Janis received her Doctorate in Public Affairs and Administration & Education from the University of Missouri, Kansas City. She then spent over 18 years as a Financial Advisor, holding Series 7, 63, & 65 Registered Representative and Investment Advisor licenses, a KS Mortgage Origination License, Life, Health and Variable Contracts licenses. She previously held a Real Estate license; and worked as a Real Estate Appraiser. Along the way Janis also taught as an adjunct professor at UMKC.

Today, Janis continues to work with individuals and Business Owners to help them with their financial lives by creating insurance risk plans to assist in reducing financial exposure.

Janis lives with her husband John; and together they have a blended family with six sons and a growing number of grandchildren. Janis and John enjoy working out, playing golf, and are avid sports enthusiasts.

More about Janis

  1. The first car I owned was a 62 Buick Special.  $1.00 in gas delivered my friends and I to the beach and back home again (about 20 miles one way).
  2. My favorite past-time (other than playing with the grandchildren) is watching Football with my husband on a Sunday afternoon.
  3. I had a great Adventure in my early 20s.  I moved from Southern California to New York City for a job in the late 1970s… and I did not know anyone who lived in NY; I had to make a whole new group of friends!
  4. Wardrobe pressure??? Mom NEVER wore a pair of jeans in her life!  She just didn’t own any.   Her perception was that a ‘lady’ always ‘dressed to the nines.’  Obviously, my wardrobe style is quite different – yoga pants rock!
  5. There is no rush like a hard workout at the gym with weights.  I have been working out for +37 years.
  6. I was definitely a ‘nerd’ in school… I remember getting only one ‘B’ grade — middle school through my PhD years!
  7. I played a flute in the Band at school for about 7-8 years and remember marching at the High School Football games half-time shows.  What fun.
  8. I have no interest in cooking, and for that matter, food.  I could open a can of tuna and be perfectly satisfied.
  9. In High School, my best friend and I were maids at a motel near Disneyland (where I grew up).  While we cleaned hotel rooms we watched ‘soaps’ and listened to music.  It was great fun.
  10. I believe one’s attitude can change the course of history. One of my mottos is, “No Excuses.”  Set a course….Plan, stay on task, and do what it takes to get the job done efficiently and correctly.  Then move on to the next challenge.  Walk through life with a positive attitude and with a purpose!

And a little more…….

Since elementary school I have been a ‘teacher.’  Helping and coaching others has always brought me great joy.  Almost every job I have had afforded me the opportunity to share, train, and mentor others.  Of course, until later in life I hadn’t realized the link between those ‘teaching’ occasions, but I am happy to report that writing this workbook is an extension of my life’s journey.